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arts is a star!


Artforms depicted in UPLB structures

Structures represent different expressions coming from the artists. In this blog,the artist is someone who looks at the structure, thus the blogger is the self-proclaimed artist. Vision as a pre-requisite in this blog would mean creative insights from different artists coming from diverse cultures.

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Art of “De-Stressing”


“Art is an expression.” In UPLB, the way we express ourselves reflect the way we “de-stress” during hellweek. Hellweek refers to a week-long schedule of multiple exam, presentation and deadline of projects. For us, this is a week of less sleep and more work.

            Below are some of the things we do to de-stress ourselves:

ü  Walk around the campus.

ü  Eat food. Some prefer street foods, junk foods and for some, they eat heavy meal.

ü  Watch movies.

ü  Go online.

ü  Drink coffee.

ü  Visit LB square, either to eat food, watch a band or just drink alchohol.

ü  Chat with friends.

            De-stressing is one way of coping with the pressure we experience during hectic schedules. For us, it is the way we say “WE DON’T QUIT” despite the hardships we encounter being a UPLB student. J




saan ang klase mo?

                    Havaianas man o Spartan ang mahalaga naiilakad mo sa kung saan-saan. Magkakalayo kasi ang mga gusali dito sa amin at hindi lahat ay madadaanan ng pampasaherong dyipni (na pabago-bago ng singil). ‘Pag minalas-malas pa, iba’t iba ang gusali ng magkakasunod na klase ng isang estudyante. Bakit nga kaya ganoon dito? Bakit kailangang mapagod sa paglalakad bago makarating sa sunod na klase?


            Maglalakad ka lang ba papuntang Baker? Ok lang yan, nasa UPLB ka naman—quality education!

Couture de UPLB

“May Speech Ka?!”

The most typical and subtle form of mockery to UPLB students who woke one day and decided to dress up.

Oh no. you don't want to be caught dead wearing these!

Things you don't want to be caught dead wearing.

I can still remember the day I set foot on the grounds of UPLB. I was so confident in wearing my pink stilettos, jeans, pink top and big hoop earrings. However, when I started running back and forth of CDC, going to HUM building and back… my stilettos went flat. Wrong choice of footwear.

I was also a big fan of scarves when I was a freshie, tied them around my waist, wore them as headbands, you name it. But upperclassmen started to tease me, commenting that I am too bihis when going to class. I was sooooo confused that time because I really thought that school has to be fashionable and stylish — just like the in the movies. But looking at the UPLB attire, which includes a simple top, shorts/jeans plus slippers… oh boy, was I the worst dresser!

I found the beauty of dressing down though. It’s comfortable, it’s laid-back, it’s simple. Just the way life has to be. 🙂